VAII Global Connect|CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute Expert interview Series--KLAUS MAX SIBENHAAR

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VAII Global Connect|CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute Expert interview Series
CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute  Expert  Klaus Max Sibenhaar

CAFA VAII :Please talk about your work updates and achievements since the covid-19pandemic. Is there any change in your life and work, and what is it?

KLAUS MAX SIBENHAAR: End of Marc 2020 all my research-projects were cancelled or postponed on 2022. Till today we have closed cultural and academic institutions or only very restricted cultural activities. Therefore everyone in these fields had to handle a totally new situation without planning security or calculable perspectivies in combination with reduced personal relationsships. Zoom-conferences, Online-teaching, distant-curating or project management, home office became the daily-life-practice till today, our “new normality”: Nothing is like before and the old life will not come back!

Theory and creative practice of Online-teaching became my experimental field and I started to collaborate with Event agencies to develop new formats.

CAFA VAII :What are the changes in the area of visual art and design that have come into your awareness?

KLAUS MAX SIBENHAAR : Because of the total focus on Digital Art, the process of “Dearticulation of Art” (Adorno) will continue. And Benjamin’s claim of the “Art in the Age of its technical reproducibility” will be replaced by the “Art in the age of its digital producibility”. It is a borrowing time for the Art: Digital Fake Arts like NFT’s on the one hand, social or ideological Instrumentalization on the other hand: Nothing new, nothing surprising, but more and more self-censorship, “political correctness” and “cancel culture” in the US and Western Europe.

CAFA VAII :Please talk about your artistic creation and relevant work during the pandemic?

KLAUS MAX SIBENHAAR : There are two main experimental fields in my scientific work: First the reflection and testing of Online-Teaching-Methods and -Formats in the context of TV-, Film- and Live-Entertainment-Experiences. And second the establishment of a long-term Research-project called TADE 21, describing, analyzing and developing model scenaries for the interdependences between Technology, Arts, Design (in the meaning of Management-Methods and organizational structuring) and Education (in the meaning of Aesthetic Education). We started with a Research-project about the artistic and organizational hybridization of German Public Theatres, the most important institutions in the German cultural system.

CAFA VAII : What do you think of the future trend of visual art and design?

KLAUS MAX SIBENHAAR : As mentioned, It suggest, that were will be four major trends in the global art: social (all kind of social activities supported by artistic practices), ideology (Gender & Diversity, Postcolonialism & Race as content drivers), ecology (Green will be the color of the art system too), algorithm-based digitalization (with Asia as trendsetter).

Can you talk about your following artwork plans?

LAUS MAX SIBENHAAR : As a retired professor I am in a privileged situation: I can do not only what I want, but what is relevant for me and maybe the society too. Beside my experiences in “distant curating” with a Beuys-exhibition in the German Embassy I will never see live, I started an arts based urban development project in Budapest (Hungaria), a further Arts-management project in Mongolia. And as a still active extraordinary Professor for German literature and Culture I am editing a serious of books about “Metropolis Berlin” in my own publishing house.

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