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from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.3.31
14:00-14:30 31/03/19 CM
南云 Nan Yun
Music, to learn or not to learn


Music is the highest art form of sound for human beings and the product of human brain. Similar to language, music involves complex sensory-motor processes. Unlike language, which conveys clear meaning, music is a media of emotion, being tightly linked to social nature of humans. Regardless of the condition of economy, culture, and production capacity of a society, there is always music in modern or ancient times, in China or abroad. Why we have music is still a mystery. Some scholar questions the very existence of music in human society and speculates that music serves no meaningful function to humans other than auditory cheese cake. This view dominates the development of music education, rendering our commitment to music education equivocal. Born in the 1960s, brain science aims to explore and discover the functions and mysteries of human brain, as an interdisciplinary subject. This talk will briefly introduce some new findings of music learning in brain research, offering an insight into the unique charm of music.