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西班牙 Miguel Gallardo 演讲+放映
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.3.31
19:30-21:30 31/03/19 CM
Miguel Gallardo
“Drawing for Maria”
Drawing as a communication tool


Normally we stop drawing towards 12-13 years old, before that age all children draw and do it without rules or canons, when they reach preadolescence they stop doing it because there is a comparison with the outside and the artistic canons come into play. they frustrate the drawing capacity of the majority. At the same time we live in a world that is ruled by the image, 70% of what we see is visual information that helps us understand the world, from the pictograms in airports, emergency instructions on international flights, signals of traffic or the emoticons in WhatsApp, a universal language that we share with the majority of the planet’s inhabitants, saving the cultural differences, visual codes that we learn in a natural way by immersion since childhood. And yet, drawing is one of the forgotten subjects in teaching.
Through my experience drawing for my daughter Maria who has autism spectrum disorder, I have discovered the great ability of drawing as a communication tool when oral or written language is not enough. Using a simple style very close to the pictograms, we manage to resolve communication in many cases and also work on inappropriate behaviors and conflicts.
Autism is an ideal field to apply communication through drawing since people within the spectrum have great visual capacity, photographic memory (many times) and difficulties with oral language and communication. María has radically changed my point of view about drawing that had always been that of a professional and has opened interesting possibilities in the ways we have to communicate through representation.


1. Maria’s Journey. 5’42” /2D animation/Spanish/2010
2. Specialist Academy. 7’28” /2D animation/Spanish/2015
3. El Documental - Maria y yo. 1’19’59”/Documentary/Spanish/2015