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影视与动画 教育论坛
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.4.1
10:40-11:10 01/04/19 CM
Annick Teninge
La Poudrière, Boutique Animation Filmmaking School
La Poudriere学校于1999年由法国瓦朗斯市的Folimage动画工作室创办。它提供为期两年的动画电影导演培训,面向22岁一下并接受过动画技术培训和/或一些实际经验的法国和外国学员。

La Poudriere school was initiated by Folimage animation studio in Valence, France, in 1999. It offers a two-year training in animation film-directing and is open both to French and foreign trainees who are at least 22 years old and have a technical training and/or some practical experience in animation.
The main goal of the school is to train professionals capable of making films, either on their own or as part of a team, by giving them a comprehensive knowledge of all the stages of film-directing, from storyboard and scriptwriting to editing and sound post-production. The small number of students (9 to 10 per year) allows the school to concentrate on the skills, experience and needs of each trainee.
During their training, students work both on exercises (storyboards, animatics) and short films which allow them to get to grips with the film-making process. Exercises and films are done in a given time and, for films, within a budget. A selection of students’ films will be screened at LIFF 2019 festival

11:10-11:40 01/04/19 CM
Tim Webb
Working with a 9-year-old Genius
我是在为一部我的电影《A is for Autism》(1992)从自闭症社区寻找动画合作伙伴时遇到丹尼尔的。
这部电影的重点是为自闭症群体发声,(而且是他们自己的声音);我最初的想法包括了专家和家长们的意见。虽然我的原始资料来自少数极具天赋的“自闭症专家”社区,但这并不是我所关注的焦点。1988年的电影《雨人》(Rain Man)就做到了这一点,并帮助延续了一个神话。

In 1991, I was lucky enough to work with a 9-year-old genius, -Daniel Sellers. I met Daniel when looking for animation collaborators from the autistic community for my film, ‘A is for Autism’ (1992). The focus of the film which started to form was to give voice, (and just their voice) to the autistic community; my initial idea had included expert and parental opinions. Though my source material was from the small percentage of extremely talented ‘autistic savant’ community, it was not my focus. The film ‘Rain Man,’ (1988 ) had done exactly this, and helped perpetuate a myth.

However, my talk unashamedly is about Daniel’s extraordinary ability and his contributions to the film and my experience of working with him. He features a few times throughout the 11 minutes, with voice interview and his earlier drawings used to illustrate differences in how so called ‘normal’ and ‘autistic’ development differs. But he also has his own sequence, which is different to rest of the film as its less about the experience of being autistic and more about his passion for trains, drawing and animation. The sequence illustrates both his passion and skill, - but what is missing is how it came about, and how extraordinary and inexplicable it is for an 9-year-old boy to have such natural skill in perspective drawing, understanding of 3 dimensional spaces, mapping a period of time, accuracy in detail and expression in line. I hope to offer some insight.

11:40-12:10 01/04/19 CM
Mario Torrecillas
Ric Rac Catacrak
As children become creators through oral language, drawing and animation.