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影视与动画 教育论坛
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.4.1
15:40-16:10 01/04/19 CM
Bruno Di Marino
Italy Frame by Frame
The film selection Italy Frame by Frame represents an overview of experimental and artist animation in Italy in recent years.
Through a series of authors and techniques that are very different from one another: i.e. from the more traditional ones (drawings) to the more technologically-advanced (computer graphic 3D), the programme tries to offer a composite idea of the Italian production.
Often made by artists coming from the visual arts world, these works are almost always self-produced films. Alongside the short films, some of which are semi-narrative, there are other forms of moving images (theme songs, installations, music video, etc) that demonstrate how the author’s and the avant-garde’s animation is spreading more and more in different fields of the audiovisual sector.