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香港/美国 张俊杰 萨凡纳艺术设计学院作品展 嘉宾QA
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.3.31
13:30 31/03/19 NA (Presentation / Q&A)
10:15 03/04/19 NA
Student Animation Showcase from Savannah College of Art and Design

主持嘉宾Host guest: 张俊杰 Zhang Junjie
This screening includes some excellent student animation from Savannah College of Art and Design, presenting the quality and the diversity of the theme, story, style and methodology.

01/ We Are Smokers Paola Chen Li / 1’14” /HD/2D Animation
Inspired by the city of Hong Kong, wherever one goes, someone will have a lit cigarette. This animation addresses how secondhand smoke is just as harmful as direct smoke, making us practically all smokers.

02/ The Fallen Swan Win Leerasanthanah /3’00” /HD/3D Animation
A baby swan discovered its potential to escape out of the well and must overcome its fear and doubt to succeed.

03/ The Good the Bad and the Puppy Louisa Lawler /3’35” /HD/2D Animation
A determined young woman sets out to win back her dog’s affection after he runs away from home to play poker.

04/ A Dog’s Tale: Hachi Rico Lee, Isaac Lai /1’17”/HD/2D+3D Animation
We adopted an old Japanese folktale about a dog and its master or reference The Dog iongs for the return of its master. The old man passed away, however, he left a message to its dog in its dream not to wait for him anymore.

05/ Under the Weather Julia Walker /2’28”/HD/3D Animation
A girl learns how to cope with her inner demons that whisper negative thoughts into her ear everyday.

06/ Undiscovered Sarah Litzenberger /2’49”/HD/2D Animation
Sasquatch has always remained elusive in photos – but not for the reasons we think.

07/ Viral Blood Corey Householder /2’48”/HD/ Stop Motion
In this stop motion short film based on true events, a stereotypical frat-boy encounters a ’grody’ clown across a suburban street in the war-torn year of 2016.

08/ The Wolf Guru Mian Qin /4’50”/HD/2D Animation
The Animated Film ’The Wolf Guru’ is an adaption of a Chinese folk tale. It is about a man is attacked by a group of wolves and their unidentified monster leader. Even though he finally gets out of the danger, the identity of the monster is a surprise for him.

09/ The Stick Renua Giwa-Amu /3’05”/HD/2D Animation
Henry’s boomerang never came back to him… it’s only a matter of time.

10/ Tender Loving Anushka Deedwania /2’40”/HD/3D Animation
A selfless old man volunteers to take care of premature babies.

11/ Swarm Angel Wong & Sarah Sun /3’34”/HD/2D Animation
A young farmer confronts the difficult truth of adulthood when his village is attacked by a ravenous swarm.

12/ The Cloth Debacle Charlotte Pang /1’27”/HD/2D Animation
The cloth debacle follows the story of a young girl trying to buy cloth in the middle of a busy town in Hong Kong called Sham Shui Po. This small bustling market is known for having some of the oldest shops in the whole city.

13/ Racing the Sunset Nikolas Smith /4’02”/HD/2D Animation
A young traceur makes a desperate parkour rush through the city to make it to his date on time.

14/ My Little Sister Michelle Law /2’33”/HD/2D Animation
“My Little Sister” is an animated short film showing an elder sister pig realizes the psychological issue of her little sister and stops her from killing a puppy.

15/ Mask Harlan Qiu /2’10”/HD/3D Animation
“My Little Sister” is an animated short film showing an elder sister pig realizes the psychological issue of her little sister and stops her from killing a puppy.

16/ Lorem Ipsum Gabrielle Kash /2’15”/HD/ Stop motion
A handmade look into the motivations and struggles of four artists and their creative undertakings.

17/ Jilted Holly Hillman /3’18”/HD/2D Animation
Jilted is an animated student film about a princess who jilts her own prince charming in search of a different happily ever after.

18/ Hotspot Ciara Bresnahan /3’20”/HD/2D Animation
A self-proclaimed detective investigates his shady neighbor in order to crack a code.

19/ Iskabittle Rachel Holiday /4’45”/HD/3D Animation
Based on the childhood events of the director,” Iskabittle” is the story of a little girl who uses her love of drawing to show affection to someone she cares about.

20/ As You Walk 2’05”/HD/2D Animation
After finding a sketchbook from her childhood, a woman relives the whimsy of her pasts through her artwork. She journeys to regain that whimsical outlook she remembers having all those years ago and meets a very familiar face along the way.

21/ Bois Mort Hannah Saunders /4’27”/HD/2D Animation
Filou, a young orphan in medieval Provence, has lived all her life alone and hungry in a tiny hill town surrounded by dense forest. She’s full of frustration and dreams of a way to escape. After learning of a local legend, a monster, she determines to seek it out.

22/ Chop Ida Hem /2’53”/HD/2D Animation
Inspired by Scandinavian folk tales, the film follows an arrogant lumberjack named Henrik who ventures into a forest and cuts down trees where he’s not supposed to, waking up an ancient mountain troll. The damage has already been done, and Henrik has to deal with the consequences.

23/ Drawn Apart Haley Zutty and Addie Souter /5’40”/HD/3D Animation
A young artist learns to bring life into her art.

24/ Effortfish Tomas Vallecillo /6’05”/HD/2D Animation
A man takes on the huge responsibility of caring for an effortfish. Once the effortfish grows out of its bowl, it requires extra attention from its owner. The man can only care for the fish for so long. What will cause him to stop caring for the fish, and when?

25/ Busy DaWoon Kim /HD/3D Animation
A girl tries to do her homework but her sister keeps interrupting her.

26/ Expend Bismark Fernandes /3’40”/HD/ Stop motion
A man’s hunt for elusive power sources that he uses for his own petty desires. His search through this decaying world reflects the human tendency to continuously exploit resources in an endless loop.

27/ Monarcade Christine Axworthy /3’20”/HD/2D Animation
In a battle of supremacy at the Arcade, only one kid can be King. Join Lil’ Bomber and Kid Emperor in their fight for the Arcade in this short animated film.

28/ Mutually Assured Alex Hoyle /3’00”/HD/3D Animation
A group of rock people and a group of robots bump into each other in a forest. They start a war and create golems to defend their territory. Unfortunately, the golems get carried away.

29/ Mixed Signals Julia Chamberlain /3’00”/HD/2D Animation
Two buddy traffic lights cause mayhem in an unsuspecting intersection below.

30/ Can I Wake You Up Paola Chen Li /1’28”/HD/2D Animation
Set in a dream-like environment, “Can I Wake You Up?” explores our unwanted thoughts through various symbols. These are the thoughts of something we desire for but cannot have. Therefore, we want to wake up and let them go.

31/ Battleground Dionnis Lim /3’33”/HD/2D Animation
Inspired by and animated to the song “Battleground” by dolltr!ck, this film follows a girl who has been sucked into the moon to wrestle against other fighters in an arena for the amusement of strange beings with animal masks.

32/ Magic Play Natasha Canepa /3’00”/HD/2D Animation
A shy Wizard Boy gets forced on a playdate with a Witch Girl who is unpredictable with her magic.

33/ Pigs Deanne Georges /4’04”/HD/2D Animation
A girl and a pig travel together to find water in a paper wasteland.

34/ Night Train Dionnis Lim /2’24”/HD/2D Animation
Two people go out in their car at night and are faced with an experience personal to themselves.