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10:00 01/04/19 NA
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Exhibition of works by students of the central academy of drama 

主持嘉宾Host guest: 高雄杰 Gao Xiongjie

The students’ works of the central academy of drama adhere to the realistic creation aesthetics, adhere to the realistic creation method, pay attention to the rich social aspects, and explore the living conditions of different groups of people. The work of the students involved in screening covers the different stages of teaching work, graduate work and the work of master grade. These students’ works try to absorb nutrients from classic works and other related arts, carefully depict the landscape of The Times and show the spirit of The Times. In terms of aesthetic thinking and spiritual display, they have shown the artistic characters of the creators.

01/母亲的乐园 王尔卓 Wang Erzhuo/China/28min/2018/HD/Drama

Today’s China has already past the time of the Red Revolutions. Those idealistic students from the 80s have reached their middle age, accepting their ordinary lives. Ms. Yao was one of them. Recently in her school, there were two teachers who had an affair and eloped together. It reminded Ms. Yao of her own life.

01/青虫 王幸 Wang Xing/China/30min/2018/HD/Drama

Three bio-professional students went to Xishan to complete the report about the green worm left by the teacher. Zhou Jin, girlfriend of Dafei who died unexpectedly in the process. The film tells the story from the perspective of Xiang Wang who is not only the friend of Da Fei but also went through the whole incident.

03/明天会更好 耿子涵 Geng Zihan/China/26min/2018/HD/Drama

The waiter and the cook in the restaurant are a young couple. The cook gets fired because of fighting, and he accompanies his girlfriend, the waiter, to have her physical examination at the hospital. Throughout the experience in this day, they discover both crisis and strength in their relationship.

04/女儿国 李思达Li Sida/China/30min/2019/HD/Drama

The theme is about the disillusioning of love and growth of a young man.