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陌生人/ Stranger
李梓雯 Li Ziwen/韩国-中国/ 14’20”/ 2019/ HD/剧情Drama 
Tai Zhu is a man who spends all his days doing nothing but giving out leaflets. The low wage makes him extremely sick of the monotony of his job. So, he took the opportunity to check and observe houses no one lives in the long time when pasting leaflets , intending to break into an empty house to gain a windfall. Finally, he opens the door of an unlocked house, just as he begins to look for property in the house, the owner of the house comes back...

回家/ Home
穆正伦 Mu Zhenglun/中国/ 22’35”/2018/HD/剧情Drama 

Xiangyao had lived a comfortable life in an affluent family since a child. But his parents divorced because of the long separation and working away from home and soon after that Xiangyao moved to his grandma with his mother. Unfortunately mother passed away from cancer when he was at 11th grade. Father brought him home trying to maintain their relationship though it was the very place completely strange to him and Xiangyao wanted to run away everyday.

塑料金鱼/ Plastic Fish
吴辰珵 Wu Chencheng/中国/18’30”/2016/2K/剧情Drama 

After many years of sharing life of a couple,one day the old man passes away. To face the lost of her husband ,the wife finds a way to keep his presence around her.

冀征宇 JiZhengyu/中国/ 11’26”/ 2019/HD/剧情Drama 

A pair of fishermen and fathers living by the sea, life is embarrassed. On the day of his wife’s sacrifice, the old father decided to commit suicide with his autistic daughter driving into the sea.

运动会/ Sports Day
涂琳 Lin Tu/中国/ 10’54”/ 2018/HD/剧情Drama 

A teenage girl is confronted with her inner demon when forced to lose her virginity on school’s sports day.

章鱼/ Octopus
张瑜 Zhang Yu/中国/08’20”/ 2018/HD/剧情Drama 

Jianning Ji was the second daughter of a “birthless” child. She had been fostered at the anti’’s family since childhood. At the age of nine, she was suddenly renamed Zhang Yu and was forced to leave her familiar environment to go to her biological mother. The new identity and life drive her further. In-depth understanding of herself.