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入围作品场 动画入围
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哈利 Harry
周浩然Zhou Haoran/China/7’03”/2017/HD/动画Animation 
A flock of flying fish float over the town, the little boy starts his long wait ever since. High-rises spring up around thetown, as he drains himself gradually in the soul-destroying work and never gets the chance to see the flying fish return. When a snowstorm sweeps the town,they manage to meet again in a unique way.

王言如丝 Wang Yanrusi/China/ 03’39”/2018/HD/动画Animation 
In the early stage of Industrial Revolution, a hermit crab without conch met the first industrial waste that was thrown into the sea—a dirty semi-bottle. When the dangerous coming, he had to make the bottle become his shell to escape the natural enemies fortunately. Therefore ,he became invincible in the sea. He carries this ‘unique’ rubbish-home, which has driven the group of hermit crabs to abandon the consistent shells and rely on solid sea rubbish. With the increasing pollution of the oceans, this group of hermit crabs with rubbish has been attracted the human city.

Half Asleep
蔡采贝 Cai Caibei/英国/05’16”/2018/HD/动画Animation 
One room, two half bodies, a silent relationship.

扁扁/ BianBian
黄山 Huang Shan/中国/ 5’00”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation

Accompanied by ducklings, Bianbian‘s love for ducklings gradually changed.

粉红羁绊/ The Pink Fetter
陈晓苗 Chen Xiaomiao/中国/ 3’58”/ 2018/HD/ 动画Animation 
The short film tells the story of a man who unfortunately steps on a piece of gum and he tried to break free but it didn’t work.

《追》/ Manhunt
王露 Wang Lu/中国/ 3’00”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation 
Human beings are constantly engaged in some kind of organized behavior, which is sometimes under the guise of legality for a definite purpose. Some are committed to execution, some are forced to execute. Unfortunately, "legal" is only a relative state at a certain stage. When people realized their mistakes, they can’t change that.

二十二/ Twenty-two
卢昊旻 Lu Haomin/中国/ 4’40”/ 2018/ HD /动画Animation 

When I was about 22 years old, I went home and did three things. First, I tried to go back to my parents ’stories of 22 years old to explore my own historical logic. Second, I visited the large buildings in my hometown which are being built with a full sense of the future, and participated in the war between the past and the future. Thirdly, I constructed a self-dialogue in my mind about the two aforementioned things.

沙与花/ Sand and Flower
王家琪/Wang Jiaqi/中国/ 04’19”/ 2018/ HD/ 动画Animation 

Whether animals can soothe our hearts, can we let us be redeemed? The animation of sand and flowers is based on the footsteps of death in The Snow of Kilimanjaro. It tells the story of the protagonist re-examining the African grasslands and re-examining life before dying. The footsteps of death make people think about where our lives will eventually go. In animation, the footsteps of death are represented by natural objects, from vultures, to hyenas, to shadows in the picture. At the end of the animation, the protagonist dies, and the god of nature takes him to eternity. I will first collect the videos and photos taken in Africa, and then combine the sketch content to write out the content of the feelings. Then I took out the book about the death of the book. Combine these together to write a prose-style copy. Create a picture according to the contents of the copy.

喝茶时间/ Tea time
Léon Moh-Cah /法国/ 02’52”/ 2018/ HD/ 动画Animation

Alice is having her rst shift in a tea shop. Very passionate about her job, she explores her new environment while she is waiting for the customers. As she smells the different teas before chosing the good one, her mind is traveling through their history as much as she can’t see or hear the real world... She will have a vision of a tea time in Russia, of the accidental conception of Lapsang Souchong in China, and of Japan during the harvesting.

无法逃脱的真实世界/ Unable to escape from the real world
汤洋 Tang Yang/中国/ 17’52”/ 2018/ HD/ 动画Animation 
While the protagonist is trying hard to break the control of the status quo, he gradually realizes that he is only a character in the story. Although he knows everything, the result will not change.

讳言/ Shadow
Lei Lei/中国/ 05’32”/ 2017/ HD/ 动画Animation 
This animation gives a account of the injuries inflicted on a girl after she was followed and sexually harassed by combining oil painting and photography.

匆匆/ Quiet Willow
熊诗艺 Xiong Shiyi/中国/ 06’18”/ 2018 /HD/动画Animation 


漂流黄昏/ Drifting at Dusk
刘璐 Liu lu/中国/ 05’34”/ 2018 /HD/ 动画Animation 
To support their children’’s career and take care of the growth of the third generation, “old drifters” have to leave their hometowns for many years and step into fast-paced and prosperous cities at the age when they were supposed to enjoy comfortable lives.The film narrates a story about an old drifting grandmother who comes to a big city to reunite with her son’s family after getting the happy news of her grandson’s birth. Unfortunately, happy later life has not arrived as she expects. Instead, she has to take up burdensome housework and suffer the terrible alienation from modern life.

我/ self
安宇 An Yu/中国/ 04’23”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation 
Self-saving in dimensions. Those who commit suicide in despair of the reality do not know that there is another him / her in dimensions waiting to be saved. How to break the barriers between we in reality and “we” in dimensions in thinking and obtain a kind of liberation of different senses?

虫子/ Bug
李香枫 Li Xiangfeng/中国/ 02’30”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation 

They look for each other in different dimensions, and eventually they both get lost when they meet.

沉默的扳机/ Silence trigger
王家国,田震,尹博文,董效辰 Wang Jiaguo,Tian Zhen,Yin Bowen,Dong Xiaochen/中国/ 09’43”/ 2018 /HD/ 动画Animation

This animation tells the story of a city zoo and a tiger. This is a recalcitrant tiger who has been chasing freedom all his life. A breeder saw in him the courage he had lost. How would he treat the tiger, which was becoming more and more uncontrollable in the zoo ...

野兽/ Beast
刘导航 Liu DaoHang/中国/ 05’06”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation 

Imagination is beautiful but sometimes it is fearful, like beast, both beauty and wild.

 Shi Ruini/英国-中国/ 06’59” / 2018 / HD/ 动画Animation 

“Desire Line” was originally an architect’s term for paths made by people when walking across open grassland, what these lines represent are the shortest or most easily navigated routes between an origin and destination. The film uses this idea in the context of how an artificial intelligence might work: the bot generates optimal solutions to user problems as a form of desire line calculation. The film aims to interrogate the increasingly controversial role of Artificial Intelligence by visualising a statement from an AI about its experience on a Valentine’s Day in the near future.

王歆童、赵丹妮/中国/ 4’20”/ 2019/ HD/ 动画Animation 

A man with delusional and his illusion about the octopus