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入围作品场 剧情片入围
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.4.2

刘越洋 Liu Yueyang/中国/15’00”/2018/2K/剧情Drama

The film used a poetic way to tells a story of a little boy who grows up after his father leaves and faces his fear alone.
葛茉莉/ Jasmine
宋展飞 Zhanfei Song/英国-中国/ 2’54”/ 2018/HD/剧情Drama

Jasmine is about a young man dresses in drag for the first time before dating someone who only exists on online dating apps. But he doesn’t have the courage to face the outside world with his makeup.

光轮/ Aureole
宋展飞 Zhanfei Song/中国-英国/03’28”/2018/HD/剧情Drama

Based on a Chinese historical event, the story is about a young man is mired between his loyalty to the party he serves and his relative. After he witnesses his mother in captivity, he eventually finds out what he believes is actually against what he imagined.

兰草时节/ The Orchid Season
杜金穗 Du Jinhui/中国/ 27’06”/ 2016/ HD/剧情Drama

Xiaolan is a 70 year-old medical professor. One day Xiaolan welcomed an old man home and take care of him as his wife. It turned out the old man was in fact reported as missing from a nursing home nearby by the police. Shortly later, Xiaolan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease; consequently she made a suicide attempt. But she found herself waking up at hospital next morning. She moved into the same nursing home as the old man which only for the elderly. She saw the old man was fed to eat by a nurse and felt sad and desperate. She thought that she had already saw her future self. She made efforts to not let fleeting memories fade away, but all in vain. A year later, Xiaolan’s daughter came for a visit; however, Xiaolan could not recognize her own daughter. The only thing left was an Orchid given by Xiaolan’s husband while he was still alive…

撒谎的金鱼/Lying Goldfish
大飞 Dafei/中国/11’00”/2019/2K/剧情Drama
The film tells the story of an old man with Alzheimer’’s disease who has been seeking his wife for six months. Because of Alzheimer’’s disease, Liu thinks his wife is in hospital. So he went to the hospital to see his wife every day. After knowing the truth, the medical staff decided to weave a white lie in order not to hurt Lao Liu. At the same time, Dacheng and Daughter, the tenants who live in Lao Liu’’s house, are weaving another lie for the old people.

西西弗斯的手套/Sisyphus’’ Glove
杨雨豪 Yang Yuhao/中国/ 29’49”/2018/2K/剧情Drama
An introverted boy allergic to noises is building Lego bricks alone at home when a drunk girl wearing only one glove pays an unexpected visit at midnight. During the power cut, they took a night bus together, which drives deep into their loneliness.