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我只认识你 赵青
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02/我只认识你Please Remember Me
赵青Zhao Qing/China/78min/2017/HD/Documentary
There is an old saying in China: "hold your hand and grow old together with you".
Shu feng and wei fang, two octogenarians who live in Shanghai, are the uncles of director zhao qing and producer feng du. They met when they were young, because of Shu feng‘s last marriage, taste fang inadvertently waited for him for more than ten years, till middle-aged two people are finally together. When they go hand in hand to the last years of life, fragrance has developed alzheimer’s disease. It’s a story of memory, of love, of dignity. In 2012, the director began to record the journey of he’s grandparents, hoping to save the time that should not be forgotten for them, family and more people. Filming lasted from 2012 to 2014. Wei fang’s illness is increasingly got serious, she gradually unable to taking care of herself, do not remember the words, what have done, cannot recognize all the relatives and friends, only her husband shu feng, trust him, rely on him, love him.