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英国 Tim Webb 皇家艺术学院作品回顾 嘉宾QA
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.4.3
10:00 03/04/19 CM (Q&A)
13:30 04/04/19 CM
Royal College of Art Retrospective and‘A is for Autism’
主持嘉宾Host guest: Tim Webb
A retrospective of films from the Animation Programme at the Royal College of Art
and a screening of my film ‘A is for Autism’(1992).
The RCA Animation programme has been running for over 30 year and the screening includes films from the last 22 years. The period I have worked at the college.
The programme sits within an art college, which is crucial in our distinction and in being awarded school awards for the diversity of styles and genres
A recent development has been a pathway in documentary animation, which many of the films selected fit this genre.
Our aim is to continue to challenge existing methods and structures of animation production and exhibition by continuing to attract talented, passionate, thoughtful students.

01/ A is for Autism Tim Webb/British/11’00”/1992/SD/Animated Documentary

02/ Aspergers and Proud Molly Okell/British/4’58”/1996/SD/ Animated Documentary Mixed medium

在你摆脱我的困扰之前,你得先把我打晕。10 x天x天x天…大概吧”阿斯伯格综合症是一种孤独症,主要特征是缺乏社会判断力和强迫性行为。“阿斯伯格综合症和骄傲”是一部电影,关于我弟弟阿奎那·奥克尔他患有这种综合症。从文具盒到白金汉宫的警卫,再到LL Cool J,他的痴迷是持续的,有时是全神贯注的。阿斯伯格综合症这个词是由精神病学家洛娜·温(Lorna Wing)引入英国的,她重新点燃了奥地利儿童心理学家汉斯·阿斯伯格(Hans Asperger)的研究成果。它描述的是一个功能高度正常的人患有一种特殊的自闭症,一开始很难被发现。洛娜·温在这部电影中亲自诊断了这个人。沉迷是一个关键的指标,这部动画短片关注的是这些看似不相干的沉迷,试图把观众带入一个亚斯伯格症患者和骄傲者的世界。
“You’d have to knock me out before you get rid of my obesessions. 10 x day x a day x a day ....... approximately.”“Asperger syndrome is a form of Autism characterised, mainly, by a lack of social judgment and obsessional behaviour. Asperger and Proud is a film about my brother Aquinas Okell who suffers from this syndrome. His obsessions from pencil cases to the guards at Buckingham Palace, through to LL Cool J, are constant and sometimes all consuming.”The term Asperger Syndrome was introduced to the UK by the psychiatrist Lorna Wing who reignited the findings of the Austrian child psychologist Hans Asperger. It describes a highly functioning individual who suffers from a specific form of Autism which can be initially difficult to detect. Lorna Wing personally diagnosed the individual in this film. Obsessions are a key indicator and this animated short focuses on these seemingly disconnected obsessions and attempts to draw the viewer into the world of the individual who is both Asperger & Proud.

03/ Dog Susie Templeton/British/5’43”/2001/SD/Narrative – Stop Frame

A young boy longs for reassurance about how his mother died.

04/ Grand Mal Jack Hague/British/1’18”/2000/SD/Animated Documentary

你们这些“健康人”无法想象我们癫痫病人在健康之前的那一秒所感受到的幸福……我不知道这种幸福会持续几秒钟、几个小时还是几个月,但请相信我,我不会用它来换取生活可能带来的所有欢乐 (F. Dostoevski) 根据陀思妥耶夫斯基所写的描述他一次癫痫发作的信,对癫痫发作的视觉解释。
You all ’healthy people’ can’t imagine the happiness, which we epileptics feel during the second before our fit... I don’t know if this felicity lasts for seconds, hours or months, but believe me, I would not exchange it for all the joys life may bring." (F. Dostoevski)
A visual interpretation of an epileptic seizure based on a letter written by Dostoevski describing one of his epileptic attacks.

05/ Poor God Matt Abbiss/British/2’44”/2003/SD/Narrative

Humans fight, God is depressed.

06/ Middle Dog Gets Angry George Gendi/British/3’56”/2006/SD/Narrative

Middle dog has a problem that upsets Little dog in his attempt to solve it. How will all this chain of misery end?

07/ Fly on the Wall Nikita Diakur/Russian/7’07”/2009/Anamorph/Narrative 3D CGI

What if I was somebody else, but only for a couple seconds?

08/ The Eagleman Stag Mike Please/British/8’55”/2010/HD/Narrative Stop Frame/After effects

If you repeat the word ‘fly’ for long enough it sounds like you’re saying the word ‘life’. This is of no help to Peter. His answers lie in the brain of the beetle.

09/ My Dad Marcus Armitage/British/5’53”/2014/SD/Hand drawn oil pastel on paper

10/ Small People with Hats Sarina Nihei/Japanese/6’51”/2014/HD/Narrative

There are small people with hats in this you no I’m in the UK. I am visiting China in March dear Society.

11/ Fish is What I Desire Yao Xiang/Chinese/7’27”/2015/HD/Narrative

A 12-year-old girl refuses to eat fish her parents prepare for her. It evokes a choice she made earlier between rightness and obedience.

12/ Mr Mandila Rory Waudby- Tolley/British/8’36”/2015/HD/Animated Mockumentary

"Everything is mostly nothing. Look closely and you can see all the little bits and pieces, and all the gaps in-between." Mr Madila or The Colour of Nothing documents a series of conversations between the film-maker and a gifted spiritual healer, exploring the inner mind, the fabric of the universe, and the nature of reality itself, through the sacred art of animation. Oooooooh.

13/ Human is Perlious Hayley Warren/British/7’20”/2015/HD/Animated Documentary

The filmmaker goes on a quest to meet people who think a bit like her.

14/ Funny Foreign Names Hakim Ismail/ Malaya/British/2’32”/2016/HD/Animated Documentary

Cultural interactions in names

15/ Enough Anna Martzaris/Swedish/2’19”/2017/HD/Narrative Stop Frame

Moments of lost self-control.

16/ Music and Clowns Alex Widdowson/British/7’23”/2018/HD/ Animated Documentary

“Despite it being close to non-verbal my brother is funny, charming and perceptive. I discussed my parents what it is like raising a child with Down’s syndrome. Our speculation about his inner life revealed as much about our own subjectivity as they do his.”

17/ Mum is not home today Mai Zitong/Chinese/4’30”/2018/HD/Narrative

An animated youabstract narrative short about childhood and escapism.