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04/我的诗篇 The Verse of Us
吴飞跃Wu Feiyue/China/88min/2017/HD/Documentary

Yu Xiuhua, a rural women, suffering from cerebral palsy since childhood, become the most famous poet in China in 2015. She wrote "across half of China to sleep with you," a compelling account of her strong feelings and desires. Twenty years ago, yu xiuhua’s mother married her to a stranger who was more than ten years older than her. This strange marriage has become the pain and regret of her life. Yu xiuhua wrote poetry, trying to talk to her fate, writing about her broken body, her longing for true love. As yu xiuhua becomes famous and financially independent, she wants to get a divorce to regain control of her fate and end her loveless marriage. However, her husband strongly opposed the divorce, and her parents and son did not support her. To make matters worse, her mother was diagnosed with lung cancer, yu xiuhua face more and more resistance, can she achieve her wishes?