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Steve Roberts
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.3.18

Steve Roberts
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. UK

史蒂夫从事动画制作已经超过35年了。他画过《cels》、《traced》、《cleaned up》、《inbetweened》插画动画和导演。他甚至偶尔使用电脑。他拍过数百部电视广告、电视剧、故事片、电脑游戏和信息片。他曾在世界各地的电影节上放映过电影,并获得过一两个奖项。他目前任教于中央圣马丁艺术与设计学院(当然是动画学院)。他也有一辆摩托车和侧车架,几辆旧自行车,喜欢飞模型飞机。

Steve has been involved in animation for over 35 years. He''s painted cels, traced, cleaned up, inbetweened, animated and directed. He''s even used a computer on occasion. He''s had films shown at festivals all over the world and won an award or 2 as well. He currently teaches at Central St Martins (animation of course). He also has a motorbike and sidecar, several old bicycles and likes to fly model aeroplanes.