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王竞 Wang Jing
from: liff.cafa.edu.cn time: 2019.3.18

王竞 Wang Jing
Director, Professor
Beijing Film Academy

1997年自编自导电视电影《方便面时代》,凭借该片获第11届北京大学生电影节最佳电视电影导演奖。2004年制作的故事片《圣殿》入选意大利远东电影节。2008年执导的悬疑电影《无形杀》入选第12届上海国际电影节“电影频道传媒大奖” 。2010年执导的儿童喜剧题材电影《孩子那些事儿》获得第十一届中国国际儿童电影节评委会特别奖。同年执导的剧情电影《我是植物人》获得第13届上海电影节中国新片展暨传媒大奖。2012年执导的现实题材电影《万箭穿心》获得第15届中国电影华表奖优秀故事片。2013年执导的历史灾难电影《大明劫》获得第九届中美电影节优秀电影奖。
Wang Jing, film director, professor of photography in Beijing Film Academy, Beijing Great Wall scholar. A compulsory course in documentary writing, feature film creation, And author of "the study of Chinese Film Photogenealogy", "six stories of documentary creation", "the years of Light and Shadow flow: cinematography", "conscious Image-Image Conceptual Design in Film creation", "Images and Images in the New context" "narrative," “the Dilemma of Image Constitutive words and the New possibilities of Image description”, etc.
In 1997, he wrote and directed the TV film “instant noodle era”, which won the best TV film director award at the 11th Beijing university student film festival.
In 2004, the feature film "temple" was selected to the Italian far east film festival. 2008 suspense film "invisible kill" was selected in the 12th Shanghai international film festival "film channel media awards.
In 2010, the comedy-themed film "those things about children" won the special award of the jury of the 11th China international children''''s film festival. In the same year, the drama film “I am vegetate”won the 13th Shanghai film festival China new film exhibition and media awards. In 2012, his realistic film "ten thousand arrows through the heart" won the 15th China film huabiao award for outstanding feature film. In 2013, the historical disaster film "the catastrophe of ming" won the excellent film award of the 9th sino-us film festival.