The Training Plan of the ICH Inheritors · 2019 CAFA Young and Middle-aged ICH Inheritors’ Paper-cutting Advanced Workshop opened

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On October 14th, the “The Training Plan of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor Inheritors ·  2019 CAFA Young and Middle-aged ICH Inheritors’ Paper-cutting Advanced Workshop”, which is under the instruction of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, hosted by CAFA and undertaken by CAFA VAII, held its opening ceremony at the CAFA Audio-visual Academic Report Hall. Wang Xiaolin, CAFA Vice President, Zhang Qian, Director of the ICH Department of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Lin Cunzhen, Deputy Dean of the School of Design and Senior Expert of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, Prof. Zhuo Fan of the Urban Design School,Wu Honglin, director of the Hebei Yuxian Cultural Center, Liu Wei, deputy director of the Resource Management Center, and Fan Gongqing, program director of VAII attended the opening ceremony. Attending also were  the trainers and trainees of more than 20 people.

Wang Xiaolin, CAFA Vice President, made a speech

Zhang Qian, Director of the ICH Department of  Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, made a speech

Wu Honglin, Director of Hebei Yuxian Cultural Center, made a speech

Lin Cunzhen, Deputy Dean of the School of Design and Senior Expert of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, made a speech

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Beijing has thoroughly studied and implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping’ s important expositions on poverty alleviation and the central deployment. We has formed, by establishing the primary consciousness, adhering to the first good standard, giving full play to the capital’ s advantages, carrying forward the pioneering spirit, striving for the first benefit, and continuing to increase the assistance to help the seven provinces and 90 counties in Inner Mongolia, Hebei Zhangchengbao, Tibet Lhasa, Xinjiang Hetian and Qinghai Yushu getting rid of poverty, an original poverty alleviation cooperation model featured with Beijing characteristics. With the advancement of the precise poverty-relief work, people’s understanding of poverty alleviation by intangible cultural heritage has been gradually deepened. “ICH + poverty alleviation” has gradually become a very important way utilized by more and more cities to eliminate poverty and develop the economy. Now that the protection and inheritance of ICH has been in practice for a long while, various areas begin a new exploration of combining ICH with poverty alleviation. The ICH protection has promoted the prosperity of rural culture and brought about a new model of rural revitalization with intrinsic development. The 22 trainees of this workshop are from Beijing, Beijing’s one-to-one poverty-relief assistance program Yuxian County and Fengning County, and the Ministry of Education targeted poverty-relief assistance program Hebei Qinglong County. They, while taking intensive training course, also enjoy the study, communications and creation together with CAFA’s teachers and students. This training plan goes along with CAFA’s long-standing academic attention and her creative ICH protection and the inheritance. It also sets up a bona fide interaction model between China’s ICH exploration and universities as well as between universities and communities.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be held jointly by Beijing and Zhangjiakou of Hebei Province. This is the first time in history that China has held the Winter Olympics. And it will be of great significance in promoting the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and an opportunity to build up the capital city’s "one core, one city, three zones and two districts"cultural construction. Beijing Paper-cutting, Yuxian Paper-cutting and Fengning Paper-cutting are all closely related to the “Olympic Culture”. So the workshop has invited Prof. Lin Cunzhen to be the course instructor. Prof. Lin is the deputy dean of CAFA School of Design, the designer of the emblem of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics “Winter Dream”and that of the Paralympic Winter Games, "Flying High”. She is also the senior expert of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee. The workshop performs the training in various forms of cultural lectures, communicating with famous scholars, live teaching, visit&investigation, construction practice and result display, endeavoring to enhance the inheritors’ cognition of the national cultural traditions and the practical ability while?opening up their artistic and cultural horizons and developing their corresponding abilities.  It?combines?"Olympic culture" and "ICH paper-cut culture" organically with the hope to promote the coordination among the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cultural industry, strengthen the relative regional distribution, and support the transformation and upgrading of Chinese cultural industry with an improved quality and efficiency. Hopefully it will play an important role in transforming the cultural industry into a pillar of the national economy.

The Opening Ceremony

CAFA has successfully held seven series of workshops so far. This time the workshop is a 4-week training program with the principal aim of “Inheriting for the Nationality and Innovating for Life”.It includes five major sections of cultural heritage common course, interactions on ICH, art practice,innovation&creation, and exhibition&discussion. It carries out periodic study, training and exchange activities based on specific characteristics of the trainees and their projects and will present the program result by the Finale Exhibition. The workshop will also work on the establishment of a mutually beneficial ICH interaction model between universities and communities. It will continue to improve the training model of the program to build a long-term productive research and training mechanism.

At the opening ceremony, all the guests took a group photo


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Text / Luan Ning
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