“Beijing 2019ICH Research and Training Achievements Report Exhibition” Opened

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 Group photo of "Beijing 2019ICH Researchand Training Achievements Report Exhibition”

Instructed by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Ministry of Cul-ture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and Bei-jing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and organized by CAFA, “My Mo-therland and I—To Inherit the Roots of culture and to Build a national future to-gether• Beijing 2019 ICH Researchand Training Achievements Report Exhibition” was opened in Riverside Art Museum of Beijing on December 6, 2019.

 “Beijing 2019 ICH Researchand Training Achievements Report Exhibition” Open-ing Ceremony

Guests that attended the opening ceremony are from ICH Department of the Min-istry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, CAFA, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, Beijing City University, and Beijing Arts&Design Technology Institute. CAFA Deputy President Wang Xiaolin, the cu-rator of the exhibition, delivered a speech on behalf of the participating insti-tutes.

Wang Xiaolin, Deputy President of CAFA and the head of VAII ICH Studio, addressed the opening ceremony of the exhibition

Zhang Yuhong (middle), deputy director of the Intangible Cultural Heritage De-partment of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Guan Yu (right), deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau, and Wang Xiaolin (left), deputy president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, attended the opening cer-emony

Deputy president Wang Xiaolin emphasized in her speech that the intangible cul-tural heritage belongs to the excellent traditional Chinese culture and is rooted in the daily life of the people of all ethnic groups in China. It has inherited the glo-rious historical tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. To protect it is not only to retain the memories of the past but to require continuing creative transformation and innovative development of the cultural heritage in order for it to keep playing an important role in the new era. This exhibition is both a con-centrated display of the achievements of ICH Researchand Training conducted in several universities and an effective attempt to find the relationship between the protection of ICH and the theme of the times.

The exhibition is curated by VAII ICH Studio of CAFA, Beijing Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Riverside Art Museum of Beijing. And CAFA, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technolo-gy, Beijing City University, and Beijing Arts&Design Technology Institute jointly participated in the exhibition. The 228 exhibited works provided by the five col-leges covered a variety of craft categories such as stone carving, paper cutting, clothing, wood carving, jade carving, lacquer art and jewelry, demonstrating the richness and diversity of our intangible cultural heritage.

The exhibition site

The exhibition, themed “My Motherland and I”, is intended to highlight the close connection between ICH and the future of the country in the epoch. The exhibi-tion is divided into five parts: Narrative • Chinese Story,  Crafting • Chinese Value, Tailoring • Chinese Wisdom, Casting • Chinese Spirit and Engraving • Chinese Power, respectively. It displays the specific results of 5 institutes implement-ing  the Researchand Training Plan for Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inhe-ritors project.

Guests visiting the exhibition

Among them, CAFA’s  2019 “ICH Researchand Training” projectis divided into 2 terms, “2019 CAFA Young and Middle-aged ICH Inheritors’ Stone Carving Ad-vanced Workshop • Cross-Strait Stone Carving Creation Camp”and “2019 CAFA Young and Middle-aged ICH Inheritors’ Paper-cutting Workshop” .

CAFA’s  2019 “ICH Researchand Training” project has invited Lai Yongxing, direc-tor of the Department of Sculpture, Fine Art College of National Taiwan Universi-ty of Arts, professor Wang Guoxian, and 5 students from the Fine Art College to participate in the workshop, carrying the exchange and interaction in various forms to further  the cross-strait Cultural exchanges, cooperation and integrated development. The project also invited tenured prof. Emanuele Giannetti, faculty member of the Sculpture Department of the School of Visual Arts of Accademia di belle arti di Bologna, Italy, and the German stone master, sculptor and church sculpture repair expert Klaus F Hunsicker. The two artists took a one-month co-studying and exchange with Quyang Stone Carving inheritors and the students of CAFA. ICHResearchand Training Project also focuses on links between ICH and the poverty alleviation as well as that with the Olympics. 22 students of this workshop came from Beijing and its one-to-one poverty-relief assistance pro-gram, Yuxian and Fengning of Hebei Province, Hebei being the host of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The workshop invited especially Prof. Lin Cunzhen to act as the course instructor, using Beijing paper cutting, Yuxian paper cutting, and Fengning paper cutting to express the Olympic culture. Prof. Lin Cunzhen is the Deputy Dean of CAFA School of Design, the designer of the Emblems for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic “Winter Dream”and that of the Paralympic Winter Games “Fly-ing High”, and she is also the senior expert of the Cultural Activities Department of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee.

CAFA has participated in the Researchand Training Plan for Chinese Intangi-ble Cultural Heritage Inheritors project, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture, for 5 consecutive years and has carried out a total of eight research projects. In future, CAFA will continue to deepen the research and training in re-lated fields, take root in tradition, pioneer and innovate, and work with brother colleges together to contribute to the promotion of Chines ICH protection.

It is reported that this exhibition will continue till December 11.

Group photo of guests at the opening ceremony of the exhibition


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