Special Interview with Associate Professor Wang Qi, the head of New Chinese-style Outfit Studio

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Wang Qi

Associate Professor of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology,Chairman of Beijing Beifu Asset Management Co., Ltd., Director of Zhongguancun Fashion Industry Innovation Park of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Chairman of Beijing Association of University-Run Industries, and Director of New Chinese-Style Outfit Research Center.

Interviewed Expert: Wang Qi (Head of the New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio of CAFA VAII)
Interviewer: Zhang Yueyan (intern reporter)
Time: Sept. 3, 2019
Location: CAFA VAII New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio


VAII: As in charge of the New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio of CAFA Visual Art Innovation Institute, would you like to talk about the latest work plan and the achievements of the studio?

Wang Qi: The latest work plan and achievements of VAII New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio mainly covers three aspects. One is to continue in the work of the design and development of new Chinese-Style outfits, especially men’s formal attire. The second is to enhance the exchange with the society and the industry through exhibitions, performances and forums. Special efforts are made to participate in cultural activities organized by the state and the government. Thirdly, we plan to publish the book “New Chinese-Style Outfits” to share our preliminary designs and research results on the new Chinese-style outfits.

New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio designed the Chinese-style formal outfits for leaders of many countries that attend the "22nd APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting"

Jinshang · Ririxin" New Chinese-Style Formal Attire Series Release Conference

VAII: We understand "Fashion Beijing” is one of the four major construction sections of VAII. How do you see future tendency of fashion design? What role will the BIFT Fashion Industry Innovation Park play under your leadership?

Wang Qi: Fashion is both personal aesthetic and the business card of the city. It’s also a mirror reflecting the society. The construction of the “Fashion Beijing” section  is very in line with the requirements of Beijing’s “Four Centers” and has a lot of development potential. The construction of fashion Beijing is inseparable from the fashion education, therefore, BIFT Innovation Park is devoted to linking education and industry in the fashion field, especially to serving and gathering young fashion designers at home and abroad.

The delegation of CAFA VAII and the members of the New Chinese-Style Outfit studio took a picture in the BIFT Innovation Park

VAII: How do you think the relationship between consumers and industry in the field of clothing? How do you see the link between different cultures and fashion trends?

Wang Qi: In the field of clothing, the industry serves consumers, and the changes in consumer demands will also guide the development of the industry. Clothing is the carrier of the culture, and different cultures in different regions can be presented through different clothing. At present, “Green”, “Technology” and “Fashion” are the new development trends, and the clothing industry will follow this trend and present a variety of looks.

VAII: As the head of the New Chinese-Style Outfit studio of CAFA VAII, what are the expectations that you have for future work?

Wang Qi: First of all, I would like to thank CAFA VAII for its help and support given to BIFT New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio. We hope to strengthen our communication and cooperation with CAFA VAII as well as its studios and labs. New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio hopefully will work along the concept of the Chinese formal attire and so there will be more choices in addition to the western-style suits.

The formal dress designed by CAFA VAII New Chinese-Style Outfit Studio


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