“National Rural Construction Research Talent Cultivation”Project Launched

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As is hosted by CAFA Vice President,Prof. Lu Pinjing, the "National Rural Construction Research Talent Cultivation" Project, a 2019 Artists cultivation Grant Program funded by China National Arts Fund, was launched in CAFA on September 16. The project is a training process specifically for the modern rural construction skeleton team, supported by the National Arts Fund. It is based on CAFA’s past researches and practices on rural construction and has invited renowned experts both at home and abroad. The course lays equal stress on both physical building up and humanities, focusing on the rural residence environmental construction as well as the understanding of  the relevant systems of the countryside policy and industry. The course will render various forms, i.e. organizing rural construction Forums, conducting practical research and investigation reports, and achieving some actual construction.

Prof. Lu Pinjing, CAFA Vice President, delivered a speech

Prof. Chang Zhigang, Executive Deputy Director of the CAFA VAII, delivered a speech

Prof. Fu Yi, Party Secretary of CAFA Architecture School,made a speech

The opening ceremony

The"National Rural Construction Research Talent Cultivation" project gains support and cooperation from various CAFA departments. School of Architecture and VAII provide support by overseas experts. And teachers from CAFA School of Plastic Arts and School of Urban Design teach class from their professional perspectives. The whole curriculum is rich and with diversity, bringing to students a journey of  panorama knowledge on rural construction. The students will enjoy a full appreciation of CAFA’s features combining its humanities and art and the rural construction.

Since the course started 2 weeks ago,Prof. Lu Pinjing and Prof. Fu Yi of CAFA, as well as many other famous experts and scholars from beyond CAFA , i.e. Wen Tiejun, Li Changping, Sun Jun, Li Huadong, Liu Chen, have given classes to the students,preparing them theoretically for the rural field study. As the following training part,students from all over the country will go to Zhejiang and Guizhou to have a personal partaking in the rural construction and to get the first-hand experience of rural construction practice. Later, students will also carry out deep discussion with renowned architects and Scandinavian scholars.

Wen Tiejun gave the lecture

Li Changping gave the lecture

Sun Jun gave the lecture

Li Huadong gave the lecture

Lu Pinjing gave the lecture

Liu Chen gave the lecture

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